Internet Marketing Services

Social Media Branding & Management

Corporate identity and branding plays a great role in communicating your vision and educating customers of who you are and what you do. In the web world, social media is one of the great ways for your customers to stay connected with you. At Envisage we help brand your social media profiles to project the image of who you are as a company. This includes custom page design and creation of Facebook cover photos, Twitter cover photos and graphics, and other branding designs to match any other social media avenues that relate to your industry.

We also provide Social Media Management services. This includes creating posts for your social media accounts in an attempt to keep your customers connected, and engage new and prospective customers. From Facebook postings, tweets, Google+ postings, we work to ensure that each post is relevant, engaging, and pertains to your business and industry.

Online Marketing

Many businesses choose to advertise online as it is affordable and a great way of reaching new customers both locally and nationally, and even internationally. Google Adwords is the top choice to most small business, being that Google holds about 67% of the search engine market share. Yahoo and Bing are also great mediums for advertising and reaching new potential customers or clients. Facebook advertising has also proven to be an effective and relatively affordable way of growing your customer base. Whichever medium you choose, we are here to ensure that your ads are well designed and effective.